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The production company behind The Ship is Nordic Productions - the first climate neutral agency in Scandinavia that produces climate neutral events & the Swedish airsoft player and influencer "Worldairsofts".

Odengatan 21, Stockholm, Sweden

Phone opens 1st of August


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Scenario Episode 1

Scenario Episode 1

Tensions have been raised in the Baltic Sea region and the world is holding its breath. Stakes have not been this high since the cold war and just a small step in the wrong direction could send the world in to a new world war of catastrophic proportions.

The economic hierarchy have long been held by the US- as well as the pure military power during the 20th century. This have been a strong incentive for the Swedish governments to move towards the NATO military alliance-  as the political standpoint in Sweden long has been to dismantle the, once very capable, Swedish national defense. Sweden has between the 1990´s to late 2017 been pushing a tough political standpoint in limiting the nation’s defense budget.”

A national defense that once had the most advanced air force in the world as well as being able to call upon nearly a third of its population to aid in the defense of Sweden- is nothing more than roughly 50 000 men & women today… The high commander of Sweden stated to local press two years ago that Sweden probably couldn’t hold up its defenses for more than 2 days. Little less 3 weeks that is the nation’s defense goal.

But tables have turned in regards to the economic powerhouse in the world. The economic crisis in the west have taken a big toll on the nations of NATO- and on the other side of the world, a new authority is rising from the ashes like a phoenix.



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