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The production company behind The Ship is Nordic Productions - the first climate neutral agency in Scandinavia that produces climate neutral events & the Swedish airsoft player and influencer "Worldairsofts".

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Scenario Episode 2

Scenario Episode 2

Ever since the cold war ended there has been a shift in the balance of power in the world. The troops of NATO has shiftet from a regular “force on force” capability to a swift task force aimed go assist in the war on terror.

NATO has also been an attractive choice for the former satalite states of the USSR. And more and more countrys are moving towards the west such as the EU. NATO sure liked the idea of moving its border further into the east and directly in contact with the border to Russia. And to ensure the safety of the new member-states of NATO such as the Baltics.

The US has for long planned to establish warheads with nuclear capability in these regions. Russia has condemned this rise of western aggression, and the agreement from the cold war has always been to leave the former satellite states from any defense alliance.

However the economic deficit of Russia has given Nato a confidence never seen before. But many fear that this rise in confidence is a fools confidence, especially when the military power no longer is trained to meet an enemy as well equipped.

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