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The production company behind The Ship is Nordic Productions - the first climate neutral agency in Scandinavia that produces climate neutral events & the Swedish airsoft player and influencer "Worldairsofts".

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Scenario Episode 3

Scenario Episode 3

With the fall of the Berlin wall as well as the formal disruption of the USSR and the Warzaw Pact, the world for long thought there will be an endless time of peace. Many nations started to deform its military power as well as shrinking its military budget, Sweden- a nation oblivious of war and “diseased” of peace was quick to dismantle its military defenses. This method seemed to work since politicians could not see any mediate threat to national security. And now, taxpayer money could be spent on schools and hospitals instead on “boys playing war”. However, with NATO slowly expanding its border to Russia, the Russians felt like they needed to respond in some way. To show NATO and the US that Russia would not tolerate any further expansion towards Russian territory.

The first act of standing up against this western aggression came in the 2008 Georgian war which ultimately led to Georgia losing territory of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Georgia had long been a part of the USSR and also the birth place of Joseph Stalin himself.

This annexation of former USSR satellite states was a clear message to the NATO alliance, but did not end there. 6 years later, 2014, Russia was involved in the political crisis in Ukraine- proclaiming to protect the Russian speaking minority of Ukraine but was clear to dismiss all allegations of Russian troop involvement in the nation. “These claims are just western propaganda”. But with the annexation of Krim, the world in the west started to slowly wake up.

But what is the next target, and will the west have enough time to rebuild and transform its military power?

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