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The production company behind The Ship is Nordic Productions - the first climate neutral agency in Scandinavia that produces climate neutral events & the Swedish airsoft player and influencer "Worldairsofts".

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Scenario Episode 4

Scenario Episode 4

The Baltic Sea region has always been the main concern in the Swedish defense policy. Whilst the common conception both domestic and foreign is that Sweden is a “neutral country” and that the country is to stay neutral and not interfere with other nations conflicts.

This is however not only a common conception, but in fact a misconception, ever since Sweden joined the European Union the 1st of January 1995. Members of the European Union are obliged to assist member states in the case of a foreign invasion.

This becomes hugely relevant in the Swedish perspective with the ongoing Russian aggression on former USSR states, is the Russian bear turning its path towards the North West, and the Baltic states? In the other side of the world a trade war between the US and China has long taken its toll on the world economy. Businesses have been running slow or even closed- and the overall personal economy of the people is bottom low. There is yet to be a statement of a global economic crisis but this is only a concern amongst others is the westerns leadership. Political analyst Jim Glassum went public over CNN later this week and stated that the economic imbalance is just one perspective of these trade wars- what he feared more is that this aggressive stance against China pushes Chinese president Xi Jinping even more in to finding reborn friendship with Russia.

If there is fearmongering or a crucial mistake by the US is yet to be seen…

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